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We take a holistic, professional approach to develop effective marketing campaigns and strategy for small and medium-sized startups in the blockchain industry

ICO Marketing Services

Want to maximize the exposure of your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign to your target group? We have the answer. We offer a full range of marketing services to cover even the most advanced needs of your campaign.

Pay Per Growth provides content & placement, Social Media campaigns, and all the services in between to make sure that your ICO will attract the interest of potential investors. Your ICO is too important to settle with the average. Bring us on board and let us skyrocket your results!

Craft & Submit Pitches to Top Publications

We craft powerful pitches and messages that convert your readers to users. Our high-quality content enables you to reach your target group effectively and create top of mind awareness. We offer end-to-end content services: from in-depth research, generating top-notch content, to transforming it to strong messages, and pitching those messages to well-known publications.

Want to pitch your company and services to high-profile media outlets? We can do it for you and motivate your target audience. Contact us today and start converting immediately.

Social Media Campaigns

Pay Per Growth is one of the few who master Social Media campaigns and make the most of them. We know how to do it. Effectively. An effective campaign is not the one who drives the most people to your content, but the campaign who drives the right people to your products or services.

Pay Per Growth organizes successful social marketing campaigns in order to drive the right traffic into your content, including but not limited to ICOs/blockchain projects. We organize, strategize, execute, and report powerful campaigns across all influential Social Media networks.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the key to building trust with your customers and improving your credibility, and it focuses on encouraging your target market to find you, rather than reaching out to them. High-quality content published via media sites, social media, blogs, and email subscriptions that address your customer’s needs will help you build authority in the market and win new clients in an unobtrusive way...

Content Creation

You need high-quality content across the board to ensure your website, app and marketing materials speak to your target market as individuals and retain their interest.

We use highly experienced content creators to show your app or website in its best light, and we analyze KPIs to learn how long users spend time looking at your content, what kind of information they seek, and where improvements can be made to make your content even more engaging.

Premium Publication

We understand how critical a brand awareness strategy is and know how to make you stand out. We publish content on channels that attract your target audience, perfect your image by analyzing KPis and helping you get featured where it counts.

Social Media

We take the guesswork out of social media campaigns. We know how to resonate with your customers and create high-impact social media campaigns to boost your reputation, improve user acquisition, and keep users interested. Plus, we can analyze the success of your campaigns to keep building on your overall strategy’s effectiveness.

User Acquisition

A good user acquisition strategy is vital for getting your app discovered, downloaded, and fully interacted with, and it’s targeted to find the customers most likely to spend time and money in your app. We analyze KPI indicators to find out how users interact your app and view it on the stores, and we strategize a campaign that will have your app found and downloaded by your targeted market.

We can help you win new customers in a short timeframe through our highly-targeted user acquisition, managing and optimizing your strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Optimal Reach

We have years of experience working with all major app discovery platforms and ad networks and we know which channels will generate the best results according to your KPIs.

Performance oriented service

We help you define KPIs and integrate conversion attribution within your app. We create, target and manage your campaigns, and continuously optimize them through A/B testing. When everything is up and running, we analyze post install data and tweak your campaigns in order to maximize your ROI on ad spend.

Budget Management

We help you manage your acquisition budget in a responsible way, by showing your ads in the the right places, at the right time to the right users. We keep an open eye for fraud and make sure every dollar is spent towards reaching your goals.

Data Obsession

We'll share our insights with you, help you segment your users and tell you about missed opportunities. We love crunching up the data in order to help you learn more about your users and their engagement with your app.


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We work with app and web developers from every industry, utilizing our experience and expertise to deliver quick results that will take your app to the next level.

We have set the goal of keeping our customers in the center, and therefore protect their privacy, but you can always ask us for recommendations - we’ve earned our bragging rights.

Effective marketing

doesn’t mean getting your service or product found by everybody - it means ensuring the people who will use it can find it

our team

Jaylin Philip
Jaylin Philip is the Chief Marketing Officer at PPG. She’s an expert at creating effective inbound marketing strategies to drive brand awareness, build a rapport with readers, and accomplish our clients’ goals. Before taking on the role as CMO at PPG, Jaylin worked as a successful journalist reporting on European start-ups for the Yorkshire Post newspaper.
Kirby Darcy
Kirby Darcy is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at PPG. His expertise lies in the creation, development, and analysis of apps regarding their functionality and style. Before co-founding PPG in 2012, Kirby was the founder and CEO of Sentinel which was acquired by IBM in 2010.
Neil Castle
Neil Castle is the Chief Operations Officer at PPG. Neil ensures that we provide a great service, keep our customers happy and hire the best talent. Neil has a Master's Degree in Management and Finance. He has a rich experience of managing projects at major financial companies, specializing on the integration of new technologies and leading innovation.
Ben Mitchell
Ben, our VP Sales is always on the lookout for new partnerships and potential clients. With previous experience in Ad-tech and Marketing, Ben is the right person to recommend on a winning ICO strategy. Previous to joining PPG, Ben was VP of Sales at Jumpp-Group, and Sr.Director of Marketing at GuerrillaRev.

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